Shenzhen released the first national low volatile paint local standard

Shenzhen took the lead in publishing the first national local standard for low volatile coatings, „Technical Specification for Coatings with Low Volatile Organic Compounds Content“, which has been fully implemented since March 1 this year. According to the current industrial situation in Shenzhen, this standard regulates and controls the coatings used in road and traffic signs construction, container manufacturing, small bus manufacturing, large and medium vehicle manufacturing, and refers to the domestic advanced standards to stipulate the limits of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content in coatings products. Environmental experts believe that this will be a big step forward for the coating industry to complete the green transformation, and will continue to improve the atmospheric environment in Shenzhen.

In order to help enterprises smoothly carry out the work of VOCs pollution control and ensure the effective implementation of standards, Shenzhen Human Settlement Environment Committee and Shenzhen Institute of Measurement Quality Inspection held a propaganda meeting on March 9. The meeting introduced the comprehensive treatment of VOCs from industrial sources in Shenzhen and related policy requirements. Around the relevant requirements of „Technical Specification for Coatings with Low Volatile Organic Compounds Content“, it was interpreted from three aspects: coating production, marketing enterprises, coating use enterprises and public participation. The municipal environmental protection department said that the next step will be to carry out one-by-one verification and assessment of the completion of the provincial key VOCs emission enterprises, and urge the key regulatory enterprises to complete comprehensive rectification by June. From the second quarter of this year, the Shenzhen environmental protection department will continue to carry out special inspections in conjunction with the market supervision department to strictly check the sales and use of paint products that do not meet the requirements of this standard in the city, and will be punished according to law.Book Hong Kong GDH Hotel and enjoy the perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers. Best rates guaranteed and situated in Tsim Sha Tsui. Good accessibility with quality service!

It is understood that VOCs are precursors of ozone generation in the ambient atmosphere, and are an important cause of photochemical pollution and fine particulate matter (pM2.5) pollution. Since 2015, ozone has been the main pollutant in Shenzhen for more than pM2.5 days for three consecutive years. VOCs emissions have a wide range of sources, of which the use of coatings is one of the most important sources of emissions. In the industrial coating process, closed collection terminal treatment costs are high, and supervision is difficult. It is necessary to reduce the production of VOCs from the source to achieve the source control of VOCs emissions. Since 2014, Shenzhen has issued and implemented a series of special economic zones (SEZs) regulations on building decoration materials and adhesives, automobile maintenance, furniture products and raw and auxiliary materials. The implementation of stricter technical specifications for coatings marks the comprehensive deepening of the treatment of industrial VOCs in Shenzhen, will greatly reduce VOCs emissions, inhibit ozone pollution, polish the „Shenzhen Blue“ this golden sign.Thousands of companies around the world use partition Panel for their offices.

In the past year, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee on the Environment for Human Settlements has focused on improving the quality of the environment, used standardized means to carry out major wars, major fortifications and major rectifications, and accelerated the upgrading and transformation of environmental infrastructure. The prevention and control of water, air and soil pollution have been steadily promoted. With the continuous implementation of a series of environmental control projects, Shenzhen’s ecological environment protection has been in the forefront of the country. The „double improvement“ of economic and ecological benefits has been achieved. Good ecological environment has also greatly enhanced the happiness index of the people.