The heart is cool, a good autumn

Of course, I would never refuse such a prosperous world, after all, we were born in the secular, and how can we not be exposed to fireworks. Only in our pursuit of money and fame and wealth, we should have a kind heart to work hard, to fight, rather than selfish, by any means to obtain. After all, we do not want to live with guilt.

I am lucky to lose my life. There are so many things in life that we are doomed to be hard to get. At this time, the heart should maintain a modest, a indifferent, in the gain and loss between a calm, leaving a free and easy. Maybe there are things we really can’t put down, but life is hard to achieve. Between abandonment and acquisition, with a calm heart to face, perhaps in the coming year, you will suddenly find that the suffering, the pain, in the precipitation of the years, become clear and quiet.

The autumn wind rustled the leaves, cutting off the bustling laughter and Kyushu. Autumn leaves wandering, seems to be a busy ending, but in fact thousands of lives farewell to the years. Yes, in countless spring and autumn time, nature knows more about the tenderness of the years than we do. Between going and staying, is born with an indifferent feelings, so this side of the world, it seems so vast.

In the flash of spring and autumn leaves, it pays more for the world. From the wind, the pengcheng city is rustling. Light moonlight, little star China, seems to know the world’s farewell. Tonight I am walking quietly on familiar street corners, winding my sad melody. How proud and happy I was when you called softly beside me, „I don’t believe in love, but I believe in you.“ But now I’m left with frustration and longing, which makes people feel helpless and obsessed.