What on earth is RTC (serious time clock), and why is this checked to execute a plan?

A real-time clock (RTC) is often a clock which is included in a very microchip in a very laptop motherboard and run by a little battery which microchip is in essence individual in the microprocessor .RTC stores enough time values yr, thirty day period, date, several hours, minutes, and seconds. It doesn?¡¥t matter that pc is on or off result in the RTC makes use of a independent battery.

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In the event the laptop or computer is turned on, the BIOS reads the current time from your memory of RTC

RTC just isn’t ordinarily checked to execute a plan , the leading reason of checking RTC while executing system or any application is it may require accurate time for you to set details of created system( day created,first execution time etc.)

even sometimes your google chrome browser also demonstrate ?¡ãyour clock is behind?¡À just to give you correct information and facts

hope it helps

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